Revive Your Energy
Release Tiredness

Get Your Energy Back with Clean Energy - Your Guide to Clearing Negative Energy

Teaching you all you need to know to get started using Sage, Incense, Resins, Crystals, Ocean, Sunlight and more to reclaim your energy and life right now. 

These aren't just your normal cleanse techniques beautiful Soul!


What's Inside

Video Training Guide for how to use all your magical physical ingredients to clean the energy of your home, body and life to create positive energy.

PLUS how to create crystal grids to protect, cleanse and create positive energy in and around your home, that everyone who enters the space will be magically transformed and feel better, all whilst protecting your energy at the same time. 


Module 1

Magical Sage & Herbs & Sound

Using Sage and other herbs to clear and cleanse energy in your home and body. Plus how to choose the correct Sage and Herbs that are specifically suited to you. And that powerful Sound Healing & Clearing. 

Module 2

Sacred Resin & Incense

What is Resin, where does it come from, it's powerful cleansing and healing properties and how your rituals just became next level powerful. PLUS how to have the eye for telling which is the real incense and the fake ones - only high quality here! 

Module 3

Potent Crystal Healing

The best crystals to use for clearing energy, healing and energising your life and home. The best crystal grids you can set up for protection energy or attracting/rekindling love in your life. 

Module 4

Water Elemental Healing

Gain the most powerful knowledge that will change the way you look at water and learn how this powerful Element has been under your fingertips the entire time. 

Module 5

The Moon Goddess & The Power Of Her Ocean Tides

Harness the power of the Moon Goddess by embracing Her cycles to increase your productivity, energy levels and creativity to bring stability to your emotions, hormones, deep into your mind and heart. 

Module 6

Authentic Sunlight

Discover the power of the Sun with it’s powerful cleansing properties for not only inside your home and how to bring that sunlight into the inside of your home, but ridding your body of parasites, yeast, mould and fungus too. Illuminate your life, with the powerful Authentic Sunlight Healing.



Bonus #1

Activating Your Internal Compass

Plus your Internal Compass Chakra Clearing. Keep your energy and mind centred and clear to allow your physical home to match and return to your inner natural state of peace and calm. 

Bonus #2

Archangel Michael Attunement Meditation

An Attunement to Archangel Michael means your physical body shifts vibration and aligns to his powerful energy. Feel totally protected and build the most amazing relationship with this powerful being. (pssst, he is also the powerful guide of people stepping onto their life purpose - is that you?) 

Bonus #3

Goddess Moon Serenade

Connect into your Inner Goddess (whether you are male or female, you have both sides within you) and allow the power of your Divine Feminine to be activated through this powerful Goddess Moon Serenade Meditation

This is how it works: 

  • Self paced online mini course 
  • Training videos guided by Hannah
  • Lifetime access 
  • Gain instant access when you join

Your Intuitive Healer 

Meet your creator of Clean Energy

Hannah Andrews

I am an Intuitive Healer and Life Purpose Mentor and have been working as a Healer, guide, teacher and more for many, many lifetimes. 

My gifts are strong, deep, very connected and run back a very long way, back through to Ancient times, when practises of magic, mysticism and Earth based spiritual practises were real, very active and accepted on this planet.  

These gifts, live in my blood, they are in my DNA and it is here that I activate my awakening again this lifetime, to serve again, to the highest level of evolution to help humanity awaken back to their true nature.

Clean Energy

Create a magical space in your home and get ready for amazing opportunities to turn up in your life as a result.

Are you ready to let them in?