Clearing Energy Blueprint
  • How to clear negative energy or bad 'juju' 
  • Stop taking on others energy and how to clear it for good
  • Stop feeling drained by other people
  • Stop being wiped by tiredness for days on end
  • Stop being affected by the weather or chemicals
  • Release anxiety and stress and stop it from reoccurring
  • Help Heal Mother Earth, not contribute to Her destruction 
  • Why you're not sleeping at night and what to do about it
  • What to do when you sense that presence/spirit in your bedroom at night
  • How to tell if it is a 'bad' or 'good' spirit
  • What to do about it and how to stop it
  • Feel better for longer 
  • Stop feeling confused, frustrated and sad - get clarity that will take you to a whole other level 
  • Lasting and higher energy levels 
  • Get the tasks you need to get done efficiently and with ease
  • Relieve aches and pains that even your doctor can't seem to fix for you
  • How to stay clear and sane, even when the world feels like it is against you (and everyone thinks you're crazy!)
  • 6 mini training videos with lifetime access to, plus bonus clarity audios to keep you on track and get you feeling GOOD again babe. 
  • Lifetime access, work at your own pace  

All of this right here in Clearing Energy Blueprint beautiful Soul.

Clearing Energy Blueprint is a Module out of Trust Your Intuition, so if you are joining the Trust Your Intuition Tribe, you will have this already beautiful Soul! 

Bonuses! Of course there are Bonuses!

  • Recalibrate Your Internal Compass 
  • Clear Your Energy 
  • Align to your Life Purpose 
  • Clear your home as well as you
  • Clear your Chakras

Learn how to use the physical world to clear energy: 

  • Smudge sticks
  • Crystals 
  • Sound
  • Fire
  • Air 
  • Feng Shui

  • Learn how the 15 Archangels can help you
  • Learn how to use them in your daily life 
  • Attune your energy/raise your frequency to that of the Archangels 
  • Learn how to use the Archangels to keep you safe and protected 

So, who am I? 

I am an Intuitive Healer for Celebrities and have been working as a Healer for many, many lifetimes. My gifts are strong, deep, very connected and run back a very long way, back through to Ancient times, when practises of magic, mysticism and Earth based spiritual practises were real, very active and accepted on this planet.

These gifts, live in my blood, they are in my DNA and it is here that I activate my awakening again this lifetime, to serve again, to the highest level of evolution to help humanity awaken back to their true nature.

In Clearing Energy Blueprint, instant relief and lasting higher energy levels are at your fingertips beautiful Soul, let's get you shining again: