The Truth About Anxiety

If you've landed here, you've experienced this in some way shape or form yes?  

It makes you:  

  • Lose all concentration about everything - especially what you really need to get done
  • Feel like you can't breathe
  • You can't get your work done
  • You can't function around people
  • You barely can enter places where there are lots of people
  • Panic sets in - you can't function let alone move 
  • It feels like you are going to die, or want to 
  • You feel sick in your stomach 
  • You can't sleep  


I totally get it babe!!  

 And I am here to share another perspective and one that can help you release it asap!!  

 Because I don't want you suffering one moment more.. you deserve the freedom of JOY and being able to take a DEEP breath and take IN LIFE babe!  

 Because THAT is what we are here on this Earth to do - LIVE DEEPLY AND FULLY at that!!  

 Anxiety - you feel it in your Heart right? Yes, you probably feel like it consumes your entire body and life, but it deeply stems within the Heart.  

 And when I talk about Heart, I mean your energetic Heart, your Heart Chakra. Our Chakras are spinning vortexes of energy (if you want more on the chakras and what they do, you can check out my youtube video here) And when there is too much energy in your Heart, you experience anxiety.  

 The other perspective I am wanting to give you here, is that we are all energetic beings, we are all made up of energy.  

Even if you don't 'believe' in this stuff, you may know yourself to be sensitive to things, places, people, chemicals or the like right?

And what that sensitivity is, is energy moving through you. You have an uncanny knack who is texting or calling you before you even look at your phone, you sense what other people are feeling right?  

You are intuitive, empathetic and feel maybe too much! HUGS! I know this feeling!  

The anxiety? In your Heart?  

This is you taking on someone else's energy.  

You feel it all - and when you feel someone else's energy and take on their energetic stuff, this 'clogs up' your Heart Chakra if you may, and you feel this crippling sense of panic.  

 Anxiety is almost like fear and panic that something is going to be taken away from you.  

 Yet, when you are feeling someone else's energy, carrying their energy or taking on their stuff (you can learn more about 'How to tell if you're carrying someone's energy' here babe

 Why this happens, is that:

  • It isn't your energy 
  • If you don't have a strong awareness of yourself or on a particular day when you are run down or left with 'nothing to do' and you are 'hit' with this wave of energy - your body/mind/spirit can't process it. It isn't yours to process babe, but what you are subconsciously doing, is feeling empathetic towards this person on a subconscious level and trying to help them. It is your natural nature to help.  


People pleasers, healers, helpers, caregivers beware! You are genuinely kind hearted and want to help people, this is okay!  

Except, when it is causing you anxiety it is when you need to do you first, take care of you first and trust that you can't help anyone if you are in this state of panic and anxiety yes?  

So how do you clear someone's energy from yourself?  

And how to do you not continually take on someone's energy - especially when you feel for them? When you care about them? Yah, I know, it is a tricky one!  

Yet, also something that can be done/changed/healed.  

And yes, you can still deeply care about them and help them without taking on their energetic stuff that is not yours to carry nor process babe.  

So how do you do this then? Well, there are a couple of ways.  

To start with, here is my Internal Compass Chakra Clearing Meditation that you can download here for free because I want to support you: Click here to download it for free now

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 This a short online course with 6 short videos taught by me, to allow you to not only clear your own energy in your body, mind and home, but give you the red warning flags of when you are moving into the danger zone of taking on someone else's energy: Click here to get your energy clear now

And if you are sick and tired of doing this over and over and over and over and over again (yes I said it many times, because clearing it all the time is exhausting in itself to keep anxiety at bay!) and would like to actually get to the core of what is causing this part of you that keeps taking on the energy, how to stop doing it AND be able to still care for the ones you love, then Trust Your Intuition Online Course is where you need to go. Click here for Trust Your Intuition

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Ready to release your anxiety for good?