Trust Yourself Beautiful One

so you stop grinding to a halt every time you need to make a decision, so you don’t make hasty ego decisions and then regret them later, so you can let your life be the joy you know that it is meant to be 

You’ve walked back past that path so many times and thought, 'Why didn’t I listen to myself - again?' 

'Why didn’t I take THAT road, instead of what I am on now?' 

You’ve left that relationship sooo many times and then gone back and wondered why you’ve done any of it in the first place - over and over again. 

You’ve left that situation at work and regretted it for the rest of your life and continue to wonder what your life would be like now if you had just made a different choice in THAT moment. 

You’ve consistently looked back and gone - 'Well, if I had made that choice, I wouldn’t be here now and feel this stuck.'

You're STILL looking outside of yourself wondering which path to take right now. 

You wish you’d stood up for yourself in that moment, but just cannot find the confidence and courage to speak up when you are put on the spot like that, you hate confrontation and don’t want to make anyone unhappy, but you always seem to be the one ending up in an unhappy mess, not matter how much you help ‘them'!

That you are walking around agitated and not knowing why with huge waves of anxiety that passes your days away at times like you’ve not experienced before and is at an all time high.  

Honey - HUGS! I’ve been there! And it isn’t a nice feeling! AT ALL!  

You might feel at times like you: 

  • don’t know why you are feeling like you are feeling 
  • don’t feel yourself 
  • feel confused 
  • don’t know which way to go or what direction to move forward in 
  • continually ask everyone else for their opinion (yes, including your oracle/tarot cards too much!), instead of plain out trusting yourself 
  • don’t even know what it feels like to trust yourself or have that clarity that you have forgotten what it feels like to feel in flow again